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Male and female homosexuals differ somewhat in their perception of free choice regarding homosexuality. Most male homosexuals trace their feelings to childhood and believe they have no choice in the matter of sexual orientation. However, in one study over 50% of lesbians said their sexual orientation was a “free choice.” Only 20% viewed lesbianism as […]

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Some people buy ambien online have religious or moral objections to homosexuality based on sincere beliefs. They may be offended at accusations of homophobia. Sometimes they are upset by the “liberal bias” of the national associations such as the American Psychological Association. Letters to national publications such as The APA Monitor (a newsletter for members […]

In humans, a predominant influence is observational learning : seeing aggressive behavior acted out in families or on TV. The most famous study showing the effects of observational learning on aggression is the Bobo doll research of Bandura, Ross, and Ross (1961). A Bobo doll is an inflatable doll with a weight such as sand […]

During this entire process, we are never once told by a “superior” how we must behave, individually or as a department. We figure it out for ourselves, although the resulting document must meet certain guidelines and must be approved by higher-ups in the organization. Self-direction is possible because we have a fairly good idea of […]

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Triplett had discovered social facilitation. This label did not come into use until years after Triplett’s research, but the phenomenon of social facilitation has been documented in many different species performing many different behaviors. It refers to the fact that animals perform a behavior more intensely or for a longer period of time if others […]


Лампы интернет-магазин светильников Немаловажным фактом являются лампы для светильников. Они бывают разные: лампы накаливания, галогенные, люминесцентные, светодиодные, энергосберегающие. Лампы накаливания являются до сих пор востребованными. Сейчас их несколько модернизировали, колбы стали изготавливать из матового стекла и в виде колбочек. Галогенные лампы дают яркий красивый свет, к тому же, они являются энергосберегающими. Галогенные лампы используют для […]

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The same thing is true in therapy. There is no reason people cannot help themselves by applying scientifically proven techniques in a systematic way. However, in the real world, few people have the motivation to do this. Things are different if they see a therapist. People seem to need a contract-like commitment to motivate them […]

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Exposing a spider-phobic person to spiders, or a compulsive hand-washer to dirty hands, is an example of in vivo (in VEE-vo) desensitization. In vivo is a Latin phrase meaning in life. The client is exposed to the real thing, the actual feared stimulus, rather than just imagining fearful scenes. Professionals find that this type of […]

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Patients with a great fear of spiders, who were exposed to spiders for two minutes in a laboratory setting, did not overcome their fear of spiders. In fact, their fear became worse because the exposure time was not long enough. If the exposure was longer, however, extinction occurred. Exposure therapy was the only therapy that […]

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An example of a normal dissociative state is carrying out a simple motor task absent-mindedly. The task can be anything from knitting to picking peas to driving. Most people have experienced the phenomenon of “driving on autopilot” for a period of time. When you “snap out of it,” you where to buy cialis realize […]

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