The Bodybuilders Guide to Handling Muscle Soreness

So what does muscle soreness mean? There are quite a number of definitions for this term. This is a general overview of the process of soreness.

The 1st one is the discomfort that forms in the muscles some 48 hours after an intensely heavy workout. This discomfort is brought about by the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. The 2nd definition of soreness is the actual destruction of the muscle fiber.

It is also a common knowledge among bodybuilders that one should not continue training until the soreness is no more. It is however clear that bodybuilders need more knowledge on this topic of muscle soreness.  If you have any type of concerns regarding where and the best ways to use CITRAL, you can call us at our page.

How then does the Soreness start?

While lifting heavy, it is always the lowering part of lifting that takes a major toll on most athletes. This is because one is resisting the pull of gravity on the weight and the actual of the weight itself. Therefore the body experiences damage in the muscle especially the fiber of the fast twitch muscles and in the tissue of the less flexible tendons. These two body parts are the most crucial in lifting heavy. As the tissues are damaged, calcium and other compounds seep into the cell membrane thus causing more damage to the muscle fiber. The result is muscle inflammation which leads to stiffness of the muscles. This phenomenon is referred to as muscle soreness. The soreness persists for about 3 to 7 days but eventually subsides.

Soreness in relation to muscle growth.

When the muscles recover fully, they become more resistant and they can therefore handle workouts with heavier weights. Many researchers have coined in that this process is a direct lane to better muscle growth. Many bodybuilders with this knowledge know that soreness is a good sign of progress not only of the muscle size but also lifting more heavy poundages.

This however comes with the caution that one needs to allow the muscles need ample time to recover hence further training should come in say a week later. This facilitates better growing of the muscles.

Doctors’ point of view

Soreness that comes up after every workout may indicate that one is training less adequately and less often.

The doctors seem to indicate that soreness occurs to prevent the bodybuilder from further training as the muscle needs time to heal and is somewhat connected to the connective tissue good health. Thus the doctors are for the principle that one should not train anymore until the muscles recover fully.

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