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    Scholarships For Moms – Believe About a Career in Government

    Scholarships for moms support women in all fields of study, but women have remained hesitant about breaking-out of the most heavily traveled career paths. The majority of single mothers still gravitate to female-dominated professions, most notably nursing and education. Once in a while, thinking outside the box extends to social work and clinical psychology; but women remain frighteningly under-represented in mathematics, the sciences, and especially the social sciences. Although women now attend law school in almost exactly the same numbers as men, they have not expanded their numbers in the ranks of government professionals. Literally hundreds of exceptional scholarships for moms lead to prestigious careers in government, yet many of them go sadly to men or go unclaimed.

    With just a little courage and vision, you can win merit-based scholarships and fellowships to support you through Harvard’s prestigious Kennedy School of Government. At Harvard, you can study with the next generation of America’s leaders and a select few of the world’s most promising political scholars. Why not study international affairs with a former ambassador or Secretary of State? In case you have any concerns concerning wherever in addition to tips on how to utilize Adil Baguirov Board of Education, you’ll be able to e-mail us with our own site.

    Plot your academic and career path into government service.

    Scholarships for moms will pay your educational and living expenses from you first day as a freshman through the day your most trusted friend “hoods” you with your Ph.D. You very quickly that graduation regalia from Harvard number among the world’s most opulent and regal fashions, and you will practically explode with pride when you don yours. You probably will number among very very few women who has earned a doctorate in political science, and all kinds of desirable job offers will come your way.

    Yes, you must earn good grades as an under-graduate in order to attend the Kennedy School; and, yes, you must make a commitment to at least three years’ employment in the public sector after you earn your degree. Were you not going to do that anyway? Graduate students at the Kennedy School of Government may qualify for any of more than twenty fully funded fellowships-the graduate equivalent of scholarships for moms. And the majority of Kennedy School alumni look at starting salaries at or very near six digits. Did you not always look forward to life in Washington, D.C.?