How to get married and play in the semi-finals on the same day!

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What do you do if you have a crucial soccer game on the same day as your wedding? Both! Goalkeeper Luke Borean just wasn't going to let a little thing like his own marriage stop him from playing in his club's crucial semi-final on Saturday.

In a conundrum seemingly pulled straight out of a romantic comedy, Borean, who plays for Lions FC in Australia's NPL Queensland competition, found himself with a most unfortunate double booking that day.

The 30-year-old was long expected to marry his partner, Ellen, on November 21, but, due to a regular season delayed by COVID, he was now expected to also keep the goal in the semi-finals of the Lions FC v Peninsula Power.

To put it another way, there was a game in Heaven and another at AJ Kelly Park.

Nonetheless, in a show of compromise that makes it clear who the real custodian of the relationship is, a suitable solution has been found for both parties.

Taking a break from his morning nuptials, Borean, with his new wife in tow and still dressed in her tuxedo, ditched the team bus and instead hopped into a rented Ferrari to do a beeline for AJ Kelly Park; arrive in time to take their usual position between posts.

Still resplendent in the dress she had worn for the ceremony, his new wife immediately grabbed a front row seat in the bleachers – her veil nestled neatly on the back of her chair.

Maybe being in the air improves performance because, although Peninsula Power ended the regular season 12 points ahead of Lions FC, Borean's side took the lead 3- 1 at halftime before finally becoming 4-1.

The Power, conversely, certainly didn't feel the love: ending the contest with just nine men.

The episode will undoubtedly strengthen the legend that is Borean in NPL Queensland – one of the many state leagues that make up Australia's second tier. The goalkeeper was already instantly recognizable thanks to his superstitious habit of always wearing a beanie during games – even in the sweltering tropical conditions of Queensland – and his predilection for Jose Luis Chilavert to take shots on goal for his team.

Perhaps explaining his habit of brushing his teeth before every match, the eccentric goalkeeper also used to suck a lollipop during matches, but now limits this ritual to pre-match walkouts after Football Queensland l hit on the head because of its visual similarity to a cigarette.

His new wife, who must have the patience of a saint, will probably have to wait a week for her honeymoon; The Lions are reserving a spot for next week's Grand Final against Olympic FC or the Gold Coast Knights.


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