England FA chief Greg Clarke resigns after using racist phrase

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England Football Association president Greg Clarke has resigned over his use of a racist term during a press briefing.

When asked why there was no openly gay elite footballer in England, Clarke replied: “The answer is I don't know, it's true, because I spent a lot of time. time talking to people in the LGBT community. I have spoken to LGBT athletes from other sports who have come forward.

“The point of view I have heard is if I look at what is happening to top female footballers, footballers of color and the abuse they face on social media. "

After the briefing, the FA issued a statement shortly after the end of the hearing which read: “Greg Clarke deeply apologizes for the language he used to refer to members of the ethnic minority community during the hearing of the select committee today. He acknowledged that the use of the term 'colored' is inappropriate and apologized wholeheartedly at the hearing. "


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